Week 6 Personal Brand Statement

Personal Branding2
Before developing my personal brand statement, I took some time to understand its functions and the components that it consists of. From my understanding, personal brand statement must be concise and persuasive enough as it should give a lasting impression to someone who you want his or her attention on your characteristics and qualities. Especially when the personal branch statement is to impress a person such as a recruiter who would also need to meet a lot more other candidates, standing out from the crowd becomes an essential factor to consider when developing one.
I have developed a personal brand statement for job seeking purpose. Knowing the audience should be considered as the first step for creating a personal brand statement. The second step I took was listing my skills and characteristics that are potentially required for this role. Then I picked those that were matched with the impression that I wanted to give to that specific person. As I was creating for the job seeking purpose, I carefully matched those listed skills and characteristics with the required skills in the job posting. At the same time, I reworded it in a way that tells what I did in my last job and how I did it. I think a good personal brand statement can’t be worded too general as other people who were also interviewing for this job will state similar things. To catch recruiter’s attention, I added my own qualities making me a better candidate for this specific position.
The following is my personal brand statement:
With proven experience working in a wholesale company for the past four years, I was able to identify clients’ needs and match their demand while searching for the best product prices in the market as a wholesale buyer. I continuously watch news to keep my knowledge most updated in this industry.


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